Tuttle-Mori Agency

Agency to Span the East and West

Anne Frank The Diary of a Young Girl
Norman Mailer The Naked and the Dead
James Hilton Goodbye, Mr. Chips
Franz Kafka Das Schloss
Franz Kafka Der Prozess
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle The Case-book of Sherlock Holmes
Micky Spillane The Big Kill
Micky Spillane Vengeance is Mine
Agatha Christie A Pocketful of Rye
Eric Ambler Journey into Fear
Eric Stanley Gardner The Case of the Vagabond Virgin
Ellery Queen Cat of Many Tales
Marjorie Flack Ask Mr. Bear
Erich Maria Remarque Im Westen Nichts Neues
Erich Maria Remarque Arc de Triomphe
Norman Mailer The Deer Park
Georges Simenon La Neige etait Sale
John Steinbeck East of Eden
William Irish Phantom Lady
Pamela Lyndon Travers Mary Poppins
Virginia Lee Burton The Little House
Tennessee Williams A Streetcar Named Desire
Ross Macdonald Find a Victim
Raymond Chandler The Big Sleep
A.A. Milne Winne the Pooh
Francoise Seignobosc Jeanne-Marie counts her Sheep and Spring Time for Jeanne-Marie
Agatha Christie Death on the Nile
Agatha Christie Taken at the Flood
Freeman Wills Crofts Death of a Train
Georges Simenon Maigret et L'Inspecteur Malgraieux
Ian Fleming Live and Let Die
Roald Dahl Someone Like You
Andrew Garve No Tears for Hilda
Tennessee Williams The Glass Menagerie
Tennessee Williams Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
L.M. Montgomery Anne of Windy Willows
Raymond Chandler the Long Goodbye
William Irish I Married a Dead Man
Ross Macdonald The Moving Target
Erich Fromm Escape from Freedom
W. Somerset Maugham Ten Novels and their Authors
Boris Pasternak Il Dottor Zivago
Andrew Garve A Press of Suspects
William Irish Strangler's Serenade
Raymond Chandler Playback
Raymond Chandler The Lady in the Lake
Erich Fromm The Art of Loving
Isaac Asimov The Caves of Steel
Ed McBain Cop Hater
Graham Green The End of the Affair e
Vladimir Nabokov Lolita
Jack Kerouac On the Road